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Top 5 Free Online Gaming Websites

Over the years, the gaming industry has emerged successfully. Online gaming has become a part of the life of teenagers and adults. It has become a profession for some expert players.

Gaming is a trend, and many websites have come up with the best features. There are offline games also available in the form of mobile applications like example situs slot online. The gamers indulged in online gaming are often confused about the games they should go for.

When they do not get access to their favourite game, they tend to look for alternatives. What if you are bored of playing a single game? What if you want to try out different games? So, there are multiple online gaming websites on the internet which have more than one games available.

They provide different genres of gaming like adventure, puzzles, shooting, arcade, or educational games.

Which are the most popular gaming websites used?

Here are the top 5 free online gaming websites which will keep the gamers engaged:

  • Miniclip

There is a diverse range of game genres present on this website, right from puzzles, action, sports, adventure, till dress-up games. The pros of this website include linguistic delivery (around 15 languages ), free registration and a fantastic user interface.

Miniclip has been in the online gaming industry for a long time. The websites can be accessed by searching for miniclip.com.

  • Pogo

Get your competitive spirit up with pogo.com, as you can download this free game. You can energize your gaming persona by playing these on your computer screens. Puzzles, casino games, and the classic arcade are at your disposal if you use pogo. This online gaming platform can be used by free registration. Also, you need not register and play as a guest if you wish.

  • Addicting Games

Just as the name suggest, the games on this website are quite addictive. This platform provides a variety of gaming options that need not be downloaded. It is easy to use and convenient for games of all age groups. The only limitation is that users have been tired of the constant pop-up ads on this online gaming website. The ads cannot be skipped.

  • FOG ( Free Online Games )

The FOG website is a popular option because of its prime quality games. There is a lot of options for kids of all ages, racing, educational games, science, shooting, sports, and puzzles are some of the available categories.

If you want to play amazing games like street racer dan sim taxi, this online gaming portal is the place for you.

  • Kongregate

The registration on Kongregate is quick and easy. You need to have a Facebook account via which you can log into the online gaming site. There are numerous online games in multiplayer modes and simple usability. You need to create an account to play games on Kongregate. Games requiring strategy, logic, and concentration, are found on this site.


The world of technology has made human live simpler. But the only limitation is that it has introduced online gaming which has given rise to addiction problems. So the gaming should be limited, and it should let the player become physically inactive.

The games mentioned above can be played through the website or via mobile phone applications. The requirements for playing online games on websites are pretty simple.

Online Gaming: The Skyrocketing demand in the new era

Pexgames — The internet has spared nothing, and online gaming is no exception. While the ground games seem to be still prevalent, video games have encountered even more popularity.

The high demand for internet games has made easy way for accessible data.

the skyrocketing demand
The skyrocketing

Players connect on the internet where some seek entertainment passing their time, and others have curated out a way for online gaming to be an earning source.

With so many variantions of games across the internet, it’s a task to find a favourite. From simple to high graphics, the decision to hold the desirable is in private hands.

Ranging from a racing game to barbie games for girls and multiple board games, the interest for all are vigilant in the application store.

But these games, other than providing entertainment, work as learning tool. For example, online gaming virtually prepares you with the basics of being a good driver and a chess expert.

The gaming demand has risen so high that the community has drenched into a spot of being one of the most acknowledged entertainment communities.

Provided that you know the proper limits and specific effets, it’s never a bad idea to go forward with online gaming.

New and updates games with HD graphics

The need for online gaming has never been this essential until the arrival of COVID outrage resulting in lockdowns and social distancing. As such, to run down to fields with a bad and ball with the crowd gathering outlooks as a temporary prohibition.

Then why not play multiplayer games with friends and receive the same essence you get while playing on fields?

  • Ludo Club

Available on IOS and Android with high-quality graphics is the Ludo Club, the most simple form of online gaming. The same board game that we played with our Grandparents in childhood.

  • 8 Ball Pool

This multiplayer online gaming was determined as the king of all before the arrival of PUBG mobile, which has now been banned in India. With super simple yet HD graphics, how to play an eight ball pool isn’t much of a hard thing to learn.

  • Call Of Duty

The not so old launch of the COD mobile version has seen an unimaginable outrage of the game. Available to all android and IOS users, COD is one the best games in the whole of online gaming with its super high-quality graphics.

  • Fornite

The first-ever royale battle online gaming of mobile version is the fornite available on both IOS and Android, including windows, PS4, dan Xbox One.

While the beta version was launched on IOS on March 15, 2018, the actual game was made available by april 2.

Is Online Gaming Safe For Teens?

Pexgames — The gaming industry is one of the fast-paced industries of this modern world.

More people are getting addicted to it because of its advanced graphics and features.

It is alaways the concern of many parents that online gaming is safe for teens or not?

The vulnerability of games is a matter of concern for every teen parent.

Most of the online gaming games come with disclaimers dan precautions. But some are just mere games that revolve around a theme.

Teens nowadays get addicted to these games soon. They find it exciting and cool at first, but some games may turn out to be bullying them.

This bullying can become even worse with time. To keep you children safe, you implement many things.

Online gaming is a diverse field that provides vulnerability to teens. So, you can grant permission to them for surfing online gaming but with some precautions.

Stay safe online gaming

Let us have a look at what you can do to make your children safe from online gaming.

Ways for making online gaming safe

Several steps you can take to ensure the safety of your teen children. The following are the ways to do so:

  • Set a safe username for your child on the gaming website

Every gaming website asks you for the registration process. This is done by choosing a safe user name.

Don’t ever put your nickname in the personal information windows of the game’s registration site.

Make sure your child does not upload his or her actual photo. Upload photo which does not have face recognition.

A strong password is needed at the time of account, opening at an online gaming website. Follow the guidelines to make your surfing of games safer.

  • Be extra careful what you share at an online gaming website

Many online gaming sites have a special window for conversing and sharing things.

Make your child more aware of the fact of bullying about it. Keep your sharing records personal dan in privacy.

It will ensure security at the online gaming sites. Don’t ever share your personal information on these sites. It can be harmful to your child.

  • Be sure about the site you are letting your child play

The internet has many online gaming sites that are fake and are not lawful. Beware of such sites; it can harm you and your child.

Don’t let your kid enter such sites if online gaming. Instead, let them play in reliable online gaming sites.

These sites are good at every instance. So, check all credentials of the online gaming website before entering a gaming area.

  1. Play with someone recognizable
  2. The online gaming website has all types of people. They can be good, and they can be bad. Check with whom your kid is playing. Is the person recognizable or not. If no, then immediately turn off from the game. This will make your child safe from fraudulent activities.


Online gaming is considered good by many analysts for children, but the impact on teen’s minds can be adverse. If he or she plays online games in the long run, it can have some effect on the mind of them. So, playing online games is safe until your child doesn’t indulge in any bullying sessions and fraudulent activities. Make sure to take precautions for your child when it comes to online gaming.

Is Online Gaming, Good or Bad?

Technology has driven the course of our lives in an entirely different direction. Virtual world lying at the complete disposal of humans, there is little distinction between what is real and what is virtual.

Virtual Reality (VR) has thus emerged to be an entirely new arena to study Online Gaming forms the crux of virtual reality today.

Children, adults, young and old, online gaming has hooked the entire human race to itself. Those times are rare where computers with crawling speed catered only to the official and communicative needs of people.

The advancement in what the internet has to offer today has dramactically affected pour lives. Online gaming is one such field being studies, its effects, and possible future repercussions of the people.

Gaming technology has progressed leaps and bounds. 3-Dimensional to 4 Dimensional graphics, audio-visual effects as well as stereo sound has taken people into a virtual dimension.

It is tough to come out of that dimension, once addicted. Online gaming is very different from digital single-player games, where you beat the computer.

There are various incentives, like beating the top gamers who are playing with you and climbing some online game Hierarchies that get people hooked onto it.

Various games ranging from role-playing to strategic to shooting or suspicion, teenagers are hooked onto finding out the treasures of virtual reality.

Pros Of Online Gaming

Is good or not online gaming
Online Gaming VR

Although there is a lot of scepticism around addiction to online games, there are some positive effects on the players that go unnoticed.

Online gaming has now become a profession for a few, where they participate in well-organized tournaments and network with other gamers. It has become a source of living and a motivation to hone the skills of many Online gamers.\

Online characters are being built and sold in the virtual market to climb the gaming hierarchy, known as ‘farming.’ 

With limited exposure to these games, the studies have proven their worth in inducing agility and alertness in the mind of the player. With sudden shifts and dynamism in online gaming scenarios, gamers learn to adapt quickly to changes. 

Gaming also teaches a lot of strategizing, planning, and intelligent escaping techniques to gamers. These tactics are applied to real-life scenarios as well by the players. 

Cons of Online Gaming

There is no denying the fact that excessive screen time is wrong for people of all ages. Online Gaming is very alluring in terms of graphics, applications, and strategies. It can have players hooked to it for hours together without realizing it. 

People are so addicted to virtual interactions, that real-life socialization looks impossible to gamers. 

Some studies have also shown how online games today have made people more aggressive and demanding. They seek immediate gratification, as they do in the virtual arena. It curbs the ability to act patiently in real-life stressful situations. There are adverse effects on one’s physical health as well as mental health, as these games require a stagnant posture for elaborate hours.

All in all, although there are positive effects of Online Gaming, they are less and gradual. The adverse effects of these games are magnified and reflected immediately in the youth today. Thus, the right balance needs to be there if the positives of the game are to be seen.

Realizing as to what extent is Online Gaming, a priority for an individual is essential. As a leisure activity, it is fun. But if these games become a way of life, it is a vice.