There are various apps and games that give points to be exchanged for real money beside through slot online gambling. The following are recommendations for games that make money without capital and are easy to play.

Playing games on mobile phones is often done by some people in their leisure time. Playing games can provide fun, excitement, and release from boredom. From students to workers, they use their spare time to download and play various games on their smartphones.

There are various game applications that can provide benefits for players. Some of these reading and watching video apps offer coins that can be exchanged for e-wallet.

Some money-making apps like Tik Tok and Snack Video can make money. There are also game applications that can make money and benefit users.


Hago is an interactive game that offers various features. You can play with friends online. There are various games from voice, conversation, video and popular games.

Hago including games that make money without capital. You can participate in money making games and collect coins. These coins can be transferred to a fund balance or credit. You can exchange money for cash.


CashPop is an application that gives reward points from chatting, browsing, listening to music, playing games, watching videos, and social media.

This application provides gift points that can be exchanged in the form of credit, data quota (internet), e-wallet, and vouchers. There are various game vouchers, discounts on food or drinks, beauty, and shopping. You can earn more points by sharing the app link with your friends.


Similar to CashPop, this application can generate credit and collected points. There are various features such as inviting friends, offers, points, and playing games. You will be given several missions to earn points that can be exchanged.

Guess the Prize Draw

This money-making game is a simple guessing game. There are various features to choose from, namely guessing pictures from films and photographs. You will collect points from quiz guesses that can be exchanged in the form of credit. This puzzle game can be played in a relaxed and fun time.

Ludo Super

Ludo Super is a board game played with friends. You can play Ludo four of them and get rewarded points that can be exchanged in the form of credit and HP if you are lucky. This app also offers raffle prizes after winning the Ludo game.